The actions involved in the objectives achievement are the following (see the Figure below):


  1. Biosilica production from rice husk ash (RHA) and fly ash inertisation: 
    Silica gel will be produced in laboratory considering the possible different sources of RHA and RH, and the most suitable formulations to allow to properly inertize fly ash will be evaluated. The process will be optimized.

  2. Technological transfer of COSMOS-RICE process:
    The plant, already financed in the past Life+ project (LIFE08 ENV/IT/000434) will be implemented to be able to employ also COSMOS-RICE technology (to obtain biosilica from RHA and RH) for MSWI fly ash. On view of the properties of COSMOS fillers the parameters of the process will be optimized.

  3. Development of COSMOS composites for matrices and definition of the more suitable products:
    On the basis of the results of the possible product where COSMOS can be used (thanks to the studied that will be made with past LIFE+ project) as a filler and the report of the LCA and the properties of the composites, demonstrative products will be produced.

  4. Incinerator fly ash treatments dissemination for enterprises and education and for the public administration: 
    Regione Lombardia, that is the institutional partner of the project, will contribute to the dissemination of the results.
    - The documents will be presented to all public possible partners and political institutions in the EU area.
    - This kind of technology is expected to be promising also for companies producing rice.

  5. Smart ways of action for enterprises, public administrations and education:
    Best Practice models for fly ash treatments will be created for educational institutions and for building trade in co-operation with actors in the field.

  6. Material efficiency in general education: 
    Teaching materials on fly ash inertisation for the lower grades of comprehensive schools and initial teaching will be compiled together with teachers (partners). Materials will tested by teachers and pupils.

  7. Development of the documentation portal:
    The website will be constructed and up-date with the project results. The technical functionality and practicality of the project’s website will be improved during the project. The entire data material created by the project, will be compiled on these web pages. The website will be active and up-dated for at least three years after the end of the project.



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