COSMOS-RICE presented at Brescia The Researchers’ Night

The Researchers’ Night on Friday, 27 September 2013!

See the event at the EU site

This was a mega event taking place every year on a single September night in about 300 cities all over Europe.

What do researchers really do and why does it matter for your daily life?


  • How is our universe built?
  • How are crime mysteries solved through science?
  • What is your DNA like?
  • How much has the Earth's climate changed?

It is possible to explore the researchers activity.

See the events that will take place in Lombardy:

In Brescia COSMOS and COSMOS-RICE projects were also presented:

In the following the program of the event is reported


The COSMOS-RICE team present at the event:


COSMOS-RICE gadgets and publications were distributed to the population participating to the event. In the following see a moment of the exposition:


 The newspaper article reports a picture showing also the COSMOS-RICE stand


An interview was made by Elza Bontempi to national newspaper LA STAMPA


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