COSMOS-RICE presented at Rotary Club Vercelli

COSMOS-RICE prjoject was presented at the Rotary Club Vercelli (26 November 2013).

Rice, its cultivation, its processing and finally his transformation always characterized the economy of Vercelli, the only rice feeds hundreds of processing plants in the area who work more than 3 million tons of rice per year and supply a market that, in the field, is the most important in Europe and performs functions not only national but also international.

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The event was reported by the on-line newspaper of the city.

Provincia di Vercelli is leading an important project related to Rice. It’s ECO-RICE, a LIFE+ Natura project dealing with integrated management of rice fields within local Natura 2000 sites. Most important, they are building up an European network of subjects dealing with these matters.

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