Raw Materials University Day – launching event

Raw Materials University Day – launching event on Sapienza University Rome - (Italy)

6 December 2013

Europe has many universities with long traditions and excellent programmes in the raw materials sector and the demand for knowledgeable and skilled professionals is still high.

See the RAW MATERIALS EU web-site


Video: Raw Materials - The stuff that dreams are made of


COSMOS-RICE project has been presented in the frame of this initiative. The title of the presentation is: "Raw materials ottenuti da rifiuti tossici tramite nuovi processi di inertizzazione chimica"

The launching event has taken place in Rome on 6th of December 2013 at Sapienza University and has been opened by the European Commissioner Vice-President Antonio Tajani, with presence of VIP guests from: research, industry, academia and public administration. Further events will take place throughout 2014 across the EU in different universities which have expressed their interest for collaboration.

Laura Depero briefly presented to Antonio Tajani, the COSMOS-RICE technology and asked him to improuve European law about waste reuse.

Elza Bontempi presented in the afternoon all the project.

You can download here the agenda of the workshop

COSMOS-RICE filler can be proposed as substitute of several filllers (as calcite, talc, clays and bentonite) but it can substitute also Antimony (one of the most critical raw materials)

You can download here the presentation


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