European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials Annual Conference 2013, 5 December 2013, Brussels


European Innovation Partnership (EIP)

"We need to join forces to tap Europe's enormous own potential of raw materials. Intensified action is required to make Europe the world leader in the capabilities related to exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution by 2020. It will be the key to Europe’s ability to develop today the technologies of tomorrow. Such innovation is decisive for Europe's competitiveness, sustainable growth and new jobs." (Vice-President Antonio Tajani)

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The aim of this annual conference was:

  • to present the Strategic Implementation Plan of the EIP RM, adopted on 25 September 2013 by the High Level Steering Group of the EIP RM;
  • to present the guidelines for the Call for Commitments of the EIP RM and some concrete examples of possible commitments;
  • to inform about possible financial instruments to support the "Raw Materials Commitments";
  • to foster networking and prepare the Raw Materials Commitments.

 In this frame, COSMOS-RICE project was presented, because the proposed filler has several potentialities in raw materials substitution:

COSMOS-RICE filler can be proposed as substitute of several filllers (as calcite, talc, clays and bentonite) but it can substitute also Antimony (one of the most critical raw materials)

The Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) of the EIP RM was formally adopted on the 25 September 2013. In order to implement the SIP and to be successful, the EIP needs to involve a very large number of partners across the European Union and the entire raw materials value chain that will carry out actions contributing to the objectives of the EIP.

Video: Raw Materials - The stuff that dreams are made of

COSMOS-RICE project results are very promising in view of the European Stretegy on Raw Materials



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