COSMOS-RICE at the DUST 2014 Conference


DUST 2014 is the International Conference on Atmospheric Dust. The meeting provides an unique opportunity for mineralogists, physicists, geochemists, engineering, volcanologists, chemists and for many other specialists to share ideas and knowledge on the boundless world of the atmospheric particles.

In particular, dust (AND FLY ASH) is an environmental problem, because it is generated through a wide range of human activities. Fly ash are generated, not only by MSWI burning, but also from steel works, smelters, manufacturing plants, and other industrial facilities as well as from thermal power stations. As particle emissions from biomass combustion plants surpass road traffic emissions in certain countries. COSMOS-RICE aims is to diffuse the project results to highligth the possible recovery, stabilisaztion and reuse of this dust and fly ash.

COSMOS-RICE was presented with posters an oral presentation and a permant stand during all the conference.

The COSMOS-RICE site is available, by its logo, from the main web-page of the conference.

In the following some moments of the conference are reported:



Elza Bontempi was the chair of the section were the project was presented


COSMOS-RICE logo was reported on several conference advertisement

COSMOS-RICE gadjects and LIFE+ books were freely distributed



















In this context networking activity was done with AIRUSE and DIAPASON that were presented at the same conference.

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