COSMOS-RICE project (and scientific basis)


The aim of the new proposed project is to demonstrate that inertization of MSWI fly ash, using BIOSILICA, produce lower economical and environmental costs, in respect to use COLLOIDAL SILICA.

The main novelty of the proposed project is that also silica is produced from a waste material, then it results a secondary hand-raw material.


This process will be exported to the pilot plant (already financed by EU Commission in the frame of COSMOS project), producing COSMOS inert by using about 100 kg/day of fly ash. This quantity was chosen to have sufficient COSMOS filler to test the demonstration of the use of COSMOS filler in different matrices. Its applications will be in the concrete, bitumen, filters and plastic. The prototype plant, that was realized by the coordinator (see the following Figure for a scheme of the plant and for reactor picture) will be implemented with an additional plant for silica gel production, that will be integrated in the same demonstration plant area.




The scientific publications regarding project development and implementation are the following:


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