European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on RAW MATERIALS

COSMOS-RICE partnership (in the frame of the action of networking) has proposed the project: Employ of Waste instead of Quarry for substitution of antimony as fire retardant additives (EQUATOR), which was accepted by the European Commission in the context actions EIP on Raw Materials:

The activity of this group, which includes large and small companies and several research centers (15 partners all over Europe) aims to promote the project results and COSMOS COSMOS-RICE aiming at the re-use of products obtained as a raw material, especially in the plastics industry. The purpose is to replace antimony, a critical material that is used as a flame retardant, with the COSMOS.

EIP on Raw Materials

The ultimate aim of the EIP on Raw Materials is to help raise industry's contribution to the EU GDP to around 20% by 2020. It will also play an important role in meeting the objectives of the flagship European Commission initiatives ‘Innovation Union’ and ‘Resource Efficient Europe’. It will do this by ensuring the sustainable supply of raw materials to the European economy whilst increasing benefits for society as a whole.

The EIP on Raw Materials has a number of specific objectives. The firt one fits the main aims of COSMOS-RICE project.



Specific objectives:

to reduce the EU's dependency on imports of raw materials; to promote production and exports both by improving supply conditions from within and outside the EU, and by providing resource efficiency and alternatives in supply; and to bring Europe to the forefront in the raw materials sector, whilst also mitigating the sector’s negative environmental, social and health impacts.


The Partnership targets non-energy, non-agricultural raw materials. Many of these are vital inputs for innovative technologies and offer environmentally-friendly, clean-technology applications. They are also essential for the manufacture of the new and innovative products required by our modern society, such as batteries for electric cars, photovoltaic systems and devices for wind turbines.


The EIP will have a clear, positive impact on European industrial competitiveness, with about 30 million EU jobs depending on the availability of raw materials. The development of the EU's high tech manufacturing industry, including eco-technologies, is also at stake. The Partnership aims to reduce the possibility that a shortage of raw materials may undermine EU industry's capacity to produce strategic products for EU society.


The EIP on Raw Materials brings together EU Member States and other key stakeholders - such as European companies, European researchers, and European NGOs.- to promote innovation along the entire value chain of raw materials. It does this by supporting technologies, improving the framework policy conditions for raw materials, and by promoting international cooperation.

This activity will also be a support to Action B6.

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