CSMT Gestione S.c.a.r.l.

Ing. Alberto Bonetti

CSMT is a no-profit organization that represents a bridge between the research and industrial worlds, through technological transfer activities, applied research, technical services, teaching and training activities. CSMT operates in several fields such as die casting, polymers, field buses, industrial automation, energy and environment, industrial management processes.

Within COSMOS-RICE, CSMT acts as Project Coordinator and is in charge of project management.

University of Brescia

Prof. Elza Bontempi and Prof. Marco Alberti

University of Brescia was officially established in 1982 with three Schools: Medicine and Surgery, Engineering, Economics and Business.
For COSMOS-RICE project two groups of the "Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica ed Industriale" will work together.
The Chem4tech laboratory was founded more than 20 years ago and is devoted to developing innovative materials for technological applications, and implementation of experimental techniques and theoretical tools for studying structural and functional properties of materials.
The Industrial Plant research group of the University of Brescia has a large research experience in several environmental topics including in particular life cycle assessment of product systems and technical-economical evaluations in the green supply-chain.

Within COSMOS-RICE, UNIBS is mainly in charge of silica extraction from RHA, chemical inertization, LCA and cost analysis.

Contento Trade Srl

Dott. Flavio Cioffi

Contento Trade is a private research centre created in 1987. The main goal of its activities is developing cleaner innovative technologies that can resolve the conflict between polluting industrial sector economic interest and environment.

Within COSMOS-RICE, Contento Trade srl is mainly in charge of technological transfer.

Regione Lombardia

Dario Sciunnach

The institutional mission of RegioneLombardia (RL), the regional government of Lombardy, about policies for waste disposal is established by European and national regulations, as well as by regional legislation and guidelines.

Within COSMOS-RICE, RegioneLombardia is mainly in charge of project monitoring.

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