Meet me tonight

"Meet me Tonight" is the name of an event matching entertainment with scientific dissemination. It is addressed to people wishing to improve their own knowledge in a funny way. Several cities in Lombardy have been hosting the event on 26 September. The initiative was in Brescia, promoted by University of Brescia.

The event is an integral part of “Notte dei Ricercatori” (The night of researchers), which is promoted by the European Commission in more than 300 European cities.

The goal was to spread scientific culture through meetings, seminars, laboratories and conferences about four topics this year: Environment, Health, Wellbeing and Nutrition.


COSMOS-RICE activity was presented to students that participated to the event (more than 500).

The project was explained and some analysis, made in the Chemistry for Technologies Laboratory, to find heavy metals, were showed. COSMOS-RICE gadgets, containing rice samples, were given to students, to meet several arguments of the day:

- research

- food

- environment and waste


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