Raw materials and COSMOS-RICE

In the frame of Action B6 COSMOS-RICE inert must be recovered. The idea is to convert what is currently considered as a threat to the environment (MSWI fly ash) into a basis for the manufacture of environmentally sound and economically valuable products.

The Raw Materials initiative provided by EU Commission is in accord with the COSMOS-PROJECT objectives.

In this frame the possibility to reuse COSMOS-RICE as raw material, for substitution of critical raw materials, has been presented at the First international conference on minerals in Circular Economy organised by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, GTK Geological Survey of Finland, Aalto University, University of Oulu 26-27 November 2014

See the attached program.


The modern society is based on using mineral commodities: their total consumption correlates with economic growth and urbanization. Due to population growth on the global level, the total consumption of mineral raw materials is expected to increase. At the same time, the transition towards a circular economy plays a key role in decreasing per capita consumption of minerals. For this transition to happen, top class scientific research that allows for knowledge transfer between different segments of the mineral value chain is required. Sustainable mining, enhanced material recovery, better material and product design, and sustainable resource policies are all essential parts of the science to meet the demands of the circular economy.

The presented work is shown in the following image.


The new brochures were also provided at the exposition.

In the same location, the 28 November 2014, a meeting of COSMOS-RICE partners involving also different research groups and SME, interested in the opportunity to propose COSMOS as a raw material substitute, was organised by UNIBS and CSMT. The aim is to provide the most suitable activities to be done in the next year to demonstrate the use of COSMOS-RICE as substitute of some raw materials.


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