Sample Treatment conference

Laura Borgese (UNIBS) had an oral presentation reporting COSMOS-RICE results at the

the Ist Caparica Christmas Conference on Sample Treatment (8th, 9th, 10th of December, 2014), Lisbon:

See the list of the speaker here:

and the programme here.

A new method dedicated to sample preparation and storage was proposed in this presentation. The method consist in sandwiching the sample in two polymeric foils, allowing to protect it from external contamination, to avoid any material loss and to store it for further investigations. After preparation the samples can be directly analyzed by several non-destructive X-ray based techniques, like TXRF.

The proposed method of sample preparation was used for elemental analysis of pellets made from powdered samples to evaluate their elemental content by means of TXRF. Pellets were made of different powders used in the COSMOS-RICE inertization process, devoted to the stabilization of heavy metals in fly ash. Qualitative analysis was achieved and the validation of quantitative results is under development.





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