COSMOS-RICE powder employed for sink production

The GREEN SINKS LIFE+ Life 12 ENV/IT/000736 Project is aimed at the production of green sinks by substituting 100% of primary resources by treated waste and recycling of 80% of scraps and refuses produced by the process. Recovered MMA and PMMA use in composite sinks permit a larger recycling of both products and a reduced production of MMA and of PMMA. Substituting the mineral filler preserves landscape and primary resources by reducing mining of quartz and cristobalite, recycles a large amount of pre- and post- consumer mineral waste, reduces fuel consumption for mineral transport and reduces landfill of scraps and refuses of composite sink industry. In order to produce the first prototypes for the Green sinks projects, our research group analyzed the recycled mineral filler by means of XRD. The analyses were aimed at the characterization of these minerals in order to evaluate the characteristic of the different fillers. Thanks to the collaboration with Green Sink project, COSMOS-RICE was also used as mineral filler in different methacrylic dispersions with different percentages to create sinks prototypes. The obtained results were very promising. COSMOS-RICE project was also presented during the medium term seminar of Green Sink project.


Cosmos rice powder was used in different percentages in the syrup of 23% + 3.75% crosslinking. The maximum use was 25%.


In the following some images of the sinks produced are shown.




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