Networking meeting of LIFE MED @ EXPO

The first networking meeting of LIFE MED project @ EXPO was aimed at the connection of differents research groups involved in environmental LIFE+ projects.


The project presented at the meeting were:
- LIFE+ Project Life-MED
- LIFE+ Project EWWR
- LIFE+ Project  MAPEC
- LIFE+ Project  Autoplast

After the presentation of each project the attention was focused on creating a network between the projects aimed at sharing experiences, themes and protocols. This sharing will in fact allow the disclosure of the objectives achieved by each project, and the use of work methods and protocols also by other projects. A document describing all the project involved in the networking was produced. In this document all the information about partnership, objectives, instruments and methodologies used by each project were inserted. The aim of this document is to evaluate the instruments used by each project and find connection between projects regarding thematic aspects and instruments, protocols and methodologies used.


You can dowload the UNIBS presentation of COSMOS-RICE

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